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hey, i'm ivana. i like to build my own worlds.
i fangirl over taylor swift & bands. 15, slovakia.
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wednesday2 years of RED

friday: 8 years of TAYLOR SWIFT

saturday: 4 years of SPEAK NOW

monday: release of 1989

monday: my funeral 

don’t forget sunday: 5 years of FEARLESS (platinum edition)

❝ nothing kills you like your mind.

— (via ceinel)

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❝ nothing in the world smells as good as the person you love.

— unknown 

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the best part of waking up
is literally nothing, please let me go back to sleep

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what october means to everyone: halloween, autumn

what october means to me: trying not to die from heatstroke and TAYLOR’S ALBUM


  • hey bro
  • bro
  • broski
  • brosicle
  • broseidon, god of the brocean
  • brotato chip
  • brotein shake
  • brosef stalin
  • barack brobama
  • teddy brosevelt
  • don quibrote
  • adrien brody
  • gallilebro gallilei
  • napoleon bronaparte
  • brobo cop
  • leonardo dicapribro
  • broseph mengele 
  • bro nye the science guy
  • selena bromez
  • broey deschanel 
  • bro dimaggio
  • wolfgang amadaeus brozart
  • brohemian rhapsody
  • osama bro laden
  • mighty bro young
  • brodo the hobbit bro
  • broprah winfrey 
  • broby dick
  • abroham lincoln
  • what’s up


my life is the perfect graveyard for buried hopes


all i want in life is for taylorswift to tell me that she loves me

❝ i’ll be ok. i just need time to be sad.

— 10 word story (via forebidden)

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life aspiration: be the girl alex turner writes songs about


reblog if ur kinda cold and pretty tired

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something: *happens*

me: why this 


i just want taylor to know how much she means to me and how without her i would’ve gave up on myself a long time ago and that she’s the reason i’m still alive to this day and after so many years of battling depression and fighting my own demons, i’m finally content with myself and who i am as a person and i’ve stopped letting people walk all over me and realized that i’m worth so much more than how people treat me. it’s funny how taylor and i seem to go through the same experiences at the same time but it also makes me feel a little bit connected to her in a way? people will never understand just how much she truly means to me and what she’s done to help me and that’s okay, as long as she knows that then nothing else matters. that’s why i hope that just somehow, someday she’ll know that. even if it’s by her liking a post of mine or something small like that, at least she’ll know. there’s a good chance she’ll never notice me and i’ll never meet her, i’m trying to learn to accept that, but i still don’t want to give up hope, y’know? it’s been almost 9 years. i just really love taylorswift and i need her to know that.


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sometimes i fantasise about people shutting the fuck up